New improved supanova Now called XETRM


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New XeTrm for Weight Management & Clean Energy

This comes with 60 days money back guarantee!!

The Pink Drink is taking the world by storm! XeTrm weight management sticks have the following benefits:

Supports healthy metabolism

Appetite Suppressant
Improve energy levels
Better mood
Healthy gut microbiome


Available in a single pack or a 3 pack – each pack has 30 XeTrm sticks



Proprietary Formula with Natural Caffeine
Support a healthy metabolism, energy levels, mood and gut microbiome with XeTRM. These convenient stick packs contain a powerful blend of natural caffeine from Green Tea Extract, Yerba Mate, Guarana, L-Theanine, and Chromium Picolinate to help you stay energized throughout the day. With 10 calories per serving, 0 grams of sugar and only 3 carbohydrates, XeTRM may be part of a keto diet plan.

Get your PINK POWER DRINK and start feeling youthful energy instantly!





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