Liposomal Vitamin D,- 2000 IU - Patented Complex Vitamin D3 K2-MK7


About this item

  • ✅ DESIGN FOR OPTIMAL BIODISPONINIBILITY: Deficiencies in vitamin D (cholecalciferol) are still too common in our societies with has negative consequences on the immune system: risk of respiratory infection, cardiovascular risk, fractures, metabolic deficiency (rickets and osteoporosis). Optimal assimilation is guaranteed by this patented complex vitamin D3, K2 MK7, C supplement as it is under liposomal encapsulation and microencapsulated, in order to reach the heart of your cells.
  • ✅ BOOSTING EFFECT ON THE IMMUNITY SYSTEM: with the synergic action of the vitamin D3 K2 MK7 - C " bio-identical " complex! A state of art in liposomal microencapsulation, asso-ciated with these 3 active ingredients such as vitamin C, K2 and D3, allows a perfect assimi-lation within the organism and plays a key element role in bone mineralization and calcium absorption for the good health of bones, muscles and teeth.
  • ✅ PROTECTIVE EFFECT ON THE MUSCULAR SYSTEM: Considered more like a true hormone than a vitamin, recent discoveries attribute a physiological role to it and vitamin D is in-volved in the maintenance and conservation of muscles. A significant deficiency in vitamin D can have an influence on the quality of muscle tissue and muscle loss.
  • ✅ EASY TO SWALLOW AND DESIGNED FOR DAILY USE: Millimetric shaping of the capsule (less than 5mm in diameter) taking care to put only the active complex. The capsule is guaran-teed without : sugar, sweetener, salt, soy, wheat, corn, alcohol, gluten, lactose or other dairy products, preservatives, dyes, GMO free! A targeted solution, for an optimal intake dose established by our health professionals (doctors and pharmacists): 2000 iu/capsule. Try it today!
  • ✅ A BENCHMARK LABORATORY, A GUARANTEE OF QUALITY: At Goldman Laboratories we design the latest nutritional innovations. Our priority is to create the best food supplements available on the market: Traceability, Quality, Bioavailability, Compliance with European standards and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Quality control is regularly carried out by independent laboratories. Take advantage of it today!


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